About Her Rustic Adventure

Why We Started

Have you ever been jealous of those Boy Scouts who got to learn applicable skills like knot tying, plant identification and fire starting? How cool would it be to walk into the forest and know which woods burn best? In my experience, these are not things females have been encouraged to learn, so we are going to change that. 

I have always loved the outdoors. I went hiking and camping as a kid, but realized as an adult that I was missing some crucial skills. Unfortunately, I had no idea where to learn. For many years I dabbled with gear, hiking and a whole lot of Google. Eventually I had a man take me out backpacking and show me the ropes. The trip went well, but I disliked having to depend on his knowledge. I wanted to be able to do it myself: plan the trip, figure out the permits, pitch the tent, cook the food and navigate to a great sunset spot. That trip gave me the motivation I needed to really dig in, and I have since taken numerous courses and continually learn from professional education as well as my peers.

Her Rustic Adventure was created to help speed up the learning process for others. To create an opportunity for other women to stop wasting time wanting to camp or backpack but not knowing where to start. My goal is to empower women to go on the adventures they desire, with confidence and knowledge to support them.

Learning something new can be eventful, challenging, frustrating, embarrassing and rewarding. At an Her Rustic Adventure event, you will try, struggle and learn new skills amongst your peers who are also trying, struggling and learning. Everyone has their own strengths, and when we each brings ours to the table, we all become stronger.

Check out the events page to choose your own Rustic Adventure. I look forward to learning and growing with you!