A Series of Mistakes at Grand Pass

August 18, 2019By faeroviaAdventure No Comments

Reservation Mayhem The day was almost upon me, I was heading out into the Olympics for my first ever 2-night backpacking trip! I had purchased a guide book, perused the relevant hikes, chosen one, planned my route and potential campsites, and made my packing list.  It was Wednesday night and I wanted to take one … Read More

A Training Adventure on Bandera Mountain

July 29, 2019By faeroviaAdventure No Comments

Faced with the daunting idea of my upcoming 2-night backpacking trip in the Olympic mountain range, I am committed to training my body (and mind) in preparation. The idea being that when the trip comes, I will be able to confidently haul my 40lb pack up through the mountains instead of slog along in staggering … Read More

Jetboil MicroMo Review

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Nothing Beats a Hot Meal While I don’t consider myself a foodie, but I do have a healthy appreciation for good food. However, when you are out in the woods, options get limited. A Jetboil is an easy solution to a warm meal at the end of a long hike on a cool evening. I … Read More

Into the Woods

June 23, 2019By faeroviaAdventure No Comments

24 hours of running. Up and down mountains, alongside streams, between the remnants of expansive forest fires and the subsequent new growth; stumbling over volcanic rock and sliding down dusty descents. Grueling, torturous hours. Or, um, a fun adventure, if your brain is wired that way.  Personally, that sounds like something the pioneers endured and … Read More