A Hunt for Utilitarian Clothing

As I have become more active, the need arose to get athletic clothing. I had leggings for going to the gym and a few pairs of shorts, but I kept running into the same problem - I was stuck carrying around my keys and phone. So I went on the hunt for pockets! 

I tried Lululemon, and I’m sorry for all the fans out there but I absolutely hate their leggings. I refuse to stuff myself into leggings that make me feel like a sausage. The process of getting into my workout clothes should not be the workout itself. Everything in that store was too damn small even if I went two sizes larger than I normally would. I prefer comfort over the tight, revealing “style” (fight the patriarchy, rah rah!). 


A few other stops found me at Eddie Bauer where I exclaimed in delight and wonder when I found the Trail Tight Knee Short. Oh. My. Gosh. POCKETS! These knee-length shorts have five, yes FIVE, pockets built in. 

There is a small key pocket in the waistband, which I have found useful for not only keys but also chapstick! Then each leg as a zippered pocket and a cargo pocket that folds over at the top to keep your belongings safely tucked away.

Ok, so I know I have already blown your mind with the idea of FIVE pockets in a pair of shorts, but here is the best part: you know how we all have huge massive phones that must be with us at all times? Yeah, those fit in four of those said pockets! Whaaaatttt.  

In Rebellion

In my experience, women's clothes have limited pockets, oftentimes fake (umm, go f*** yourself fashion industry), and are too small to be useful! This topic really gets me riled, it’s a load of b.s. honestly. 

I would much rather be able to put my phone and a small pocket in my pant pockets than carrying a hulking purse around that messes with my posture and hurts my shoulder. As women, we are already required to take up less space, so where the heck do we put those monstrosities anyway??

Comfort and Design

Ahem, back on topic. In case the pockets alone haven’t sold you, the shorts are also extremely comfortable. The cross-wrap knee hem means that your knee has full mobility while running, climbing or whatever else you find yourself doing. I will say, the hem pinches a little if you sit for a long period of time with you legs bent, so maybe not the best for lounging - but they’re activewear anyway. 

I do however find myself choosing these as cozy shorts to spend the day in if I have the option to forego jeans or dress pants for the day. The material itself is very soft to the touch as well having a bit of a stretch, making for a very comfortable short.

Honestly, I am going to go buy another pair in the gray because these are already getting so much use that I need more! If you value pockets as much as I do, you need these in your life.

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