A Bathroom in the Woods

There is no denying that when it comes to urinating outdoors, men have the advantage. They don’t have to wander behind a bush, evaluate a surface for splash potential, pull their pants and underwear down far enough to let them squat, and control the flow in order to not splatter. No, they can casually unzip their pants, not reveal their tush, and simply face away from any onlookers.

Women have their strengths, but that is not one of them. 

Innovation at its Finest

To combat this, companies have started creating urinary devices for female-bodied people. And after struggling through what I described above, I decided to try one. A deep dive into Amazon reviews led me to purchase the pStyle.

The pStyle is a urination device that offers the ability to stand and pee, without the need for squatting or undressing. This chute-like apparatus is made from a hard plastic, designed to allow female-bodied people to urinate away from the body while standing. It is a single piece of plastic that does not fold or collapse, though a cloth pocket on a carabiner is available for storing and attaching to your pack.

It is not a funnel like other options which, according to reviews, do not always drain fast enough to keep up with flow, leading to overflow! The base, that goes under your lady bits, it about an inch and a half wide, which made me feel secure that it would catch everything.

To use the pStyle, you simply hold it firmly to your body ensuring your urethra is within the largest part of the device. Then, the important part - tilt the open end down to let gravity do its work! (This may require a conscious effort if your pants are tight). Take a breath, relax, and let a bit out to make sure everything is placed properly.

The Odd Feeling of Peeing While Standing...

The first time I used it, I tilted my pelvis and learned forward much farther than necessary, could barely summon the courage to start urinating, and afterward frantically checked myself for any leaks. Now I can use it comfortably without having to psyche myself up! 

I will offer a word of warning, you want the device to make firm contact with your skin, but do not grip it too hard. At one point I was holding the spout too firmly and it flexed, leading me to get a bit of urine on my hand. I have not had that issue again, but it is good to be aware of, especially on nights when the flask has made it around the campfire and coordination begins to falter.

When you are done using the pStyle, drag it forward to catch any remnants, shake off the excess liquid and give it a rinse - you can wash it in the dishwasher once you are back home!

Go forth and mark your territory!

The pStyle has made it immensely simpler for me to take a potty break on the trail. Instead of wandering off to to hide and squat, I barely pull down the front of my pants and pee off the side of the trail like a dude!

Outside of hiking and backpacking, I have also used it between dives to avoid having to strip out of my drysuit! The possibilities are limitless - where would you use one?

Update: While recovering from a ski accident that resulted in stitches in my knee, I used the pStyle in the comfort of my own home to avoid bending my knee to sit on the toilet in my little bathroom. This small purchase has become invaluable to me!

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